Telehealth services: We provide sessions remotely, via phone or video conferencing, instead of attending in-person sessions. We maintain HIPAA privacy and confidentiality throughout the process.


Psychiatric services: Our team of certified and licensed professionals assess, evaluate, diagnose, and treat different mental health disorders. We specialize in conditions such as Depression, Anxiety disorder, Insomnia, Panic disorders, OCD, Bipolar, Psychosis, ADHD, Post traumatic stress disorder and trauma, etc.


Medication Prescription and Management: At Tehila healthcare, you can trust our licensed and qualified professionals with your medication prescription and management. We recommend and prescribe the right medications for our patients’ symptoms and diagnosis. We meticulously reconcile patients’ current medications to avoid interactions. Above all, we provide education regarding the mechanism of actions and possible side effects of the medications we prescribe.


Counseling and Individual Therapy Services: Our licensed mental health professionals work with clients to identify and change patterns of thoughts, behaviors, relationship problems, work-related stress, life transitions, anxiety depression, trauma, addiction, and emotions that are causing distress. We support clients through setting goals and developing strategies to overcome challenges. While these services can be short or long-term, our focus is to enhance maximum functionality evidenced by significant improvement in symptoms.